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Scott's story: Treating eczema the all natural way.

Glacier Soap is located in the picturesque Columbia Valley of British Columbia. The owner, Scott Pitt, grew up amongst the stunning beauty of the Rocky Mountain and Purcell Mountain ranges. Scott is continuously amazed at the therapeutic nature of the mountains and nature in general. This love of nature governs all areas of his life – especially the care of his children, Kyle and Laura. So strong is his belief in nature that when Laura developed eczema, Scott’s instinct was to source a natural form of relief.

Quickly, Scott realized that commercial soaps contain harsh detergents, chemicals and many other potential irritants to skin. Not only could commercial soaps be skin irritants (especially to skin conditions such as eczema and rosacea), they are less than desirable for our environment.

The solution – Ultra moisturizing. Many skin conditions such as eczema or rosacea are plagued with extremely dry, itchy skin. Although there are a number of triggers, sufferers are able to manage the condition through the use of ultra moisturizing products.

Armed with this knowledge, Scott scoured the multitude of options available within the natural marketplace but was never able to find the right combination to provide comfort for Laura. Scott studied the use of natural ingredients including botanicals, natural oils and butters and thus began his venture into crafting Natural Handmade Skincare Products

Today, Laura is a happy young girl, enjoying life to the fullest with the knowledge that she has a father who cared enough to find nature’s solution for her skin condition.

Scott’s love of nature, commitment to the environment and love for his family, can be experienced in every bar of soap he makes.

The results...

For several years I have been trying to find a product to control the eczema I get on my face. I have tried many different products but never found one that I liked or that was successful. Then I tried the unscented ultra moisturizing bar with calendula from the Glacier Soap. I am very happy with this product, my skin has cleared up very nicely.

Keith Overholt
Kamloops, BC

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